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Meet Patrick Belmont

Patrick Belmont is a water scientist, educator, and dad. A common thread in his life has been service to others in pursuit of building a better world for today and future generations. Throughout his 20+ year professional career he has been known for asking the right questions to get to the heart of matters, listening and doing the hard work needed to understand all sides of complex issues, and bringing people together around common values. The world feels upside down to a lot of people right now. And our country seems as divided as we have been since the Civil War. Patrick believes the best way forward is through re-building our communities, our connections, creating opportunities and safety nets for people, and living into our shared values.


As a researcher, educator, and communicator he has been working to solve many of the biggest challenges of our time, protecting water resources, making a rapid and just transition to clean energy, reducing risks related to wildfire, improving air quality, and solving climate change so we can leave our children a better world than the one we inhabit today. Beyond those issues that have been the at the core of his professional career, he will bring his rigorous research capabilities, deep-thinking skills, compassion, and practical problem-solving attitude to address our ongoing problems in housing, health care/public health, racial and gender inequality, mental health support services, domestic violence, criminal justice reform, and immigration. He is fired up and ready to go to work for Utah.

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