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Let's preserve OPEN SPACE in Cache Valley

Our amazing open spaces contribute so much to our high quality of life in Cache Valley. But we are losing open space quickly. If you have been in Cache Valley for the past few decades you have likely noticed the trend. People who have moved away from Cache Valley and moved back are shocked to see how quickly we are losing open space. We need to be working quickly and very efficiently to ensure that future generations can enjoy a beautiful Cache Valley that includes lots of open space for agriculture, wildlife habitat, waterways, and trails. If we don't protect it now, we'll lose it.

As your representative in the Utah legislature, I will work to secure state and federal funding to protect our open spaces and help coordinate efforts throughout Cache Valley. I will work with community leaders and land owners throughout Cache County to develop and implement both short- and long-term open space planning. 

How we preserve open space matters. For the best water, wildlife, recreation, and scenic outcomes we need to preserve some large open spaces within the valley. And we need to ensure that property owners are appropriately compensated for the land they choose to put into a conservation easement. 

Now is the time to protect Cache Valley's open space. I'm the candidate that will get it done.

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