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We need a balanced, open, and accountable government

Government in America is intended to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people." I believe that is best achieved when government is transparent, representatives communicate with and respect the will of their constituents, and appropriate checks-and-balances are in place. 


As your representative, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions, I commit to keeping all of my constituents updated on issues and new legislation, and I will respect the will of the people in my district. I encourage you to sign up to receive updates and get in touch anytime via my contact page.


Gerrymandering is NOT okay. I firmly believe that voters should choose their representatives, representatives should not choose their voters. In 2022 the legislature created new voting district maps that were heavily biased to favor one political party. These 'gerrymandered' maps divide communities, dilute the voice of voters, and strongly bias election outcomes. Gerrymandering is un-American and anti-democratic. In Cache Valley, the gerrymandered maps dilute many voices in both Logan and Richmond. My opponent, Dan Johnson, voted in favor of these gerrymandered maps. In contrast, I support the efforts of, which has brought a lawsuit against the legislature for partisan gerrymandering.


Better political balance will make for better policy. In recent years, Utah has effectively operated with a single-party system in which the governor and 78% of legislators are Republican. This super-majority enables the legislature to pass bills with very little scrutiny and over-ride vetoes from the governor. Better balance among Democrats and Republicans in the legislature will ensure greater scrutiny of bills and will uphold the division of power between the legislative and executive branches of the government.

As your representative I will bring balance to the conversations going on in the capitol, I will advocate strongly for Cache Valley on the issues that matter, and I will work to overturn Utah's gerrymandered voting districts and put non-partisan district maps in place so representatives can be held accountable by their constituents.

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