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Let's work together to build a better future.

I am running for Utah legislature because I have the energy, experience, and collaborative skills needed to solve our very serious water, air, economic, and housing problems.

Cache Valley deserves a

stronger voice
on the issues that matter.

I'm here to listen, discuss, and represent the best interests of everyone in Cache Valley. 

I'm a water scientist, educator, and dad.

I have been working all my life in service to others to build a better world for today and future generations. 

The Utah Legislature has $1,500,000,000+

in bad ideas to manage our water

(that's $1.5 Billion)

It's Time...

to have a water scientist in the Utah legislature.


Let's protect and restore our water resources

There is no life without water. Water is a precious resource here in the Utah, supporting every aspect of our lives, from the water you use at home, to the water we use to grow food, to the water that supports our multi-billion dollar recreation industry.

Clean energy for a healthy climate, strong economy

The clean energy transition is well underway in the US and Utah is well positioned to become a powerhouse in clean energy...we just need legislative leadership to move forward...

Balanced, open and accountable government

Government in America is intended to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people." I believe that is best achieved when government is transparent, representatives communicate with and respect the will of their constituents, and appropriate checks-and-balances are in place...

Utah deserves much cleaner air

Unhealthy air quality is one of the biggest problems we face here in Utah. Historically, Utah's bad air days were typically during winter inversions, but now we're also getting....

We need to address Utah's housing crisis

Home prices went up nearly 25% in recent years and they keep climbing. Many renters and first-time home buyers are being priced out of the market. And it is becoming harder and harder for our kids to afford living in the towns where they grew up...

Let's preserve OPEN SPACE in Cache Valley

Our amazing open spaces contribute so much to our high quality of life in Cache Valley. But we are losing open space quickly. If you have been in Cache Valley for the past few decades you have likely noticed the trend. People who have moved away from Cache Valley and moved back...


Meet Patrick Belmont

Patrick Belmont is a water scientist, university educator, and dad. Throughout his 20+ year professional career he has been known for asking the right questions to get to the heart of matters, listening and doing the hard work needed to understand all sides of complex issues, and bringing people together around common values. Patrick has been leading efforts to solve many of the biggest challenges of our time and will bring his rigorous research capabilities, deep-thinking skills, compassion, and practical problem-solving attitude to work for Utah. 

Meet Parick
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